Tyler Tyler
Hello there.

Jessica Jessica
Hi, How are you?

Tyler Tyler
What happened to this site? I wanted to learn more about Weight Loss Soft-wares.

Jessica Jessica
The site expired and the owner failed to renew the subscription. It seems that they never intended to continue offering those soft-wares any longer.

Tyler Tyler
That’s really unfortunate. Can you suggest another site where such soft-wares are available?

Tanya Tanya
Relax dude. It seems as if someone is recreating the site again with the intentions of helping people who are looking for the pocket diet or pocket work-out to help them loose some pounds.

Tyler Tyler
Are you implying that soon those soft-wares will become available on this site again?

Betty Betty
Just be patient and visit again at a later date. The person recreating the site seems to be serious at helping those who visit.


This website was started in December, 2000 to offer customized solution to people who are trying to lose weight and are keen at monitoring and documenting their progress.
Such individuals could easily find the soft-wares needed to track their progress on this site.
Unfortunately, the site owner/administrator left the site to expire or may have moved the site to another domain around February 2010 because the site could not be accessed again.
Come 2014, the present administrator of this site found this domain and figured out the important of the services which were earlier found on the site and decided to recreate it so as to avail such services to the people of Canada.